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Karma Dog Training: Class Schedule

gradcrop (contact for availability)

Age Group: 6 months and up

Schedule: 7 weekly 1-hour sessions
(Make up classes are now offered if
you have to miss any classes along
the way)

*Class space is limited, contact for availability

We offer a 7 week Canine Good Citizen Class (60 minute classes - on leash)

The evaluation consists of ten objectives. All items must be completed satisfactorily or the team fails. Test items include:

  • Accepting a friendly stranger.

  • Sitting politely for petting.

  • Allowing basic grooming procedures.

  • Walking on a loose lead.

  • Walking through a crowd.

  • Sitting and lying down on command and staying in place.

  • Coming when called.

  • Reacting appropriately to another dog.

  • Reacting appropriately to distractions.

  • Calmly enduring supervised separation from the owner.

Evaluators sometimes combine elements during the actual test.

If all ten objectives are met, the handler can apply for a certificate and special dog tag from the AKC stating that the dog has earned the CGC.

Dogs do not have to be registered with the AKC to earn a CGC, nor do they have to be purebred or, in fact, registered with any canine organization. The goal is to promote good citizenship for all dogs.

Since its inception, the CGC program has become the model for similar programs around the world, is the backbone of other exams, such as those given for therapy dogs, and is a good starting point for more advanced dog training.

Don't miss out... this event will sell out!

Interested parties please email

for more information or
to reserve a spot.

Additional Information on The Canine Good Citizen test, Therapy Dog work and The Delta Society Therapy Evaluation:

In order for us to achieve Therapy Dog status for your dog, we first must concentrate on your dog being able to pass the Canine Good Citizen test. It's not mandatory that your dog take the Canine Good Citizen test as a prerequisite to the Therapy test with the Delta Society, but it is highly recommended.


After successfully passing The Canine Good Citizen test, the next step would be to attend a Therapy Animal Handler Course, which is available online. You will then have your dog screened by a vet.

Next, you will have your dog's skills and aptitude evaluated.

* If your dog is able to pass the CGC test, then the skills portion will be an easy pass. The aptitude portion of test includes things like reactions to angry yelling, clumsy petting and being bumped from behind.


If have any additional questions, please email us at:

We would be happy to go over any part of this with you.