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huckleberry KR Natural Products - Pet Supplements
Vitamin solutions for your pet's health needs.
Whole Dog Journal
A monthly guide to natural dog care and training.
The #1 Music for Relaxation & Healing for your dog by Steven Halpern
When you want to nurture your dog's body, mind and spirit, we invite you to experience the award-winning music of Steven Halpern, the pioneering artist whose music has touched the lives of millions. Halpern's music helps your dog relax, reduce stress, sleep better and connect with their spiritual essence.

must read articles

Meditate with your dog
5 tips on how to meditate with your dog
Preventative Dentistry
Daily chewing of raw meaty bones sanitizes the oral cavity of the successful carnivore.
Organic pet food gets paws up
Organic pet food gets paws up - By Bruce Horovitz, USA TODAY
Choosing the Right Collar for your Dog
There are many styles of collars to choose from depending on your dog's size and disposition, and your training need.
What You Need to Know About Your Pet's Food
Many consumers are not aware that the pet food industry is an extension of the human food and agriculture industries. Pet food provides a market for slaughterhouse offal, grains considered "unfit for human consumption," and similar waste products to be turned into profit.
How to Find a Pet Friendly Apartment
Learn what to look for to find the perfect pet-friendly apartment.
Pet Care in Condos and Apartments
To prevent potential problems from arising, pet owners should put careful thought into choosing the right type of pet to suit their lifestyle and their living space.

Service Dogs

Service Animal Information
The Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice and the National Association of Attorneys General have formed a Disability Rights Task Force to promote and protect the rights of individuals with disabilities.

We have found that many businesses across the country have prohibited individuals with disabilities who use service animals from entering their premises, in many instances because of ignorance or confusion about the animal's appropriate use. This document provides specific information about the legal requirements regarding individuals with disabilities who use service animals. It was prepared by the Task Force to assist businesses in complying voluntarily with the Americans with Disabilities Act and applicable state laws.
Service Dogs America
SDA recognizes that every person
in America may have some form of disability.
U.S. Department of Justice - Civil Rights Division
Commonly Asked Questions About Service Animals in places of business.
Service Dogs do not need documentation
While service dogs are supposed to be trained to do specific tasks -- not only to provide emotional support -- there is no federal or state requirement for any official training program or certification.
Canine Caregivers
The New Breed of Service Dog: Canine Caregivers for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Patients

Organic Dog Food (Shop Online)
Have you been seeking a quality company offering holistic dog food and natural cat food without any luck? Welcome to your one stop source for the best in natural pet care and holistic pet food.

Vegetarian Dog

veal Helping Animals - Vegetarian Cats and Dogs
Many vegetarians and vegans feed healthful, meatless diets to their companion animals. One remarkable example is that of Bramble, a 27-year-old border collie whose vegan diet of rice, lentils, and organic vegetables earned her consideration by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s oldest living dog in 2002.
V-dog is recognized as the original vegetarian dog food, first produced in 1980. Our nutritionists have developed Crunchy Nuggets using only natural, healthy and wholesome ingredients and without the use of artificial colors or preservatives.
Veganpet is a complete and balanced dry pet food that contains no animal products. It provides a real alternative to processed animal foods and is priced comparitively. Scientific studies confirm Veganpet’s suitability for maintaining a healthy diet for both cats and dogs, young and old.
Can a dog be vegan?
It is possible to love and care for an animal in a way that enriches the lives of both the animal and the human involved.

It is also possible to raise a meat-eating animal such as a cat or dog on a vegan diet and thus reduce the overall amount of animal suffering and death in the world by not supporting the exploitative industries of fishing and meat-farming.
The Dog Food Project
Are you concerned about the dry food your dog is eating? Looking for detailed information about certain food ingredients? Confused about inconsistent information about dogfood from pet food manufacturers? Need help comparing dog food brands and finding a better one?
Vegan Vet
Armaiti May, DVM is a dog and cat veterinarian currently practicing in the West Los Angeles area. The youngest of a class of 122 students, Dr. May obtained her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of California, Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in June 2005. She graduated with High Honors from the University of California, Berkeley with a Bachelor of Science degree in Bioresource Sciences in May 2001.
Vegetarian Dog Chews
Raw Advantage Organic Vegetarian for Dogs
Fresh frozen vegetarian diet supplement made with organic ingredients: Slow Cooked Millet, Lentils, Potatoes and Carrots; Hot Soaked Oats and Fresh Shredded Carrots, Zucchini, Kale and Beets, Wheatgrass, Fresh Ground Flax Seed, Cold Pressed Safflower Oil, Nettles, Garlic, Lecithin.
Dr. Harvey's Veg-to-Bowl for Dogs
Veg-to-Bowl is a fantastic way to provide essential vitamins, minerals and fiber for your companion dog. By adding the vegetables and herbs for digestion in Veg-to-Bowl every day, you give your dog the key to proper nutrition and a happier, healthier life.
Honest Kitchen Preference Dehydrated Dog Food
The Honest Kitchen's dehydrated food offers many of the benefits of a biologically appropriate raw pet food diet, combined with the convenience and peace of mind of a nutritionally balanced, ready-blended product. Dehydration simply removes the moisture, which prevents decomposition. As an ancient form of preserving food, virtually all of the nutrients are left intact. This is a much "fresher", and therefore healthier, approach than the extrusion process that dry kibble undergoes.
Ami Vegetarian Dog Bones
The facts about meat-based and vegetarian cat and dog diets.
A vegan site since 1998 offering 100% cruelty free products.
Evolution Diet (order online)
Evolution Diet has proved repeatedly that Cats and Dogs can live longer and healthier on a Meat Free Diet that includes the Freshest, Purest Polyunsaturated Vegetable Oil. Evolution Diet has proven that Dogs, Cats and even Ferrets can not only live very successfully on a Flesh Free – Animal Fat Free Diet: They can live longer and healthier.
Veg for Life
Purchasing meat-based pet foods perpetuates the cruelties of the "food animal" industry. And, as a vegetarian or an animal lover, it probably seems contradictory to feed your favorite animal the remains of other animals.
Vegetarian Dog Health Study
As the ranks of vegetarians in the United States and around the world grow in number, many are applying the same ethical considerations and health benefits
to their companion dogs who are omnivores just as we are.
pigs Harbingers of a New Age
Vegedog™ supplement is like magic. Just add it to ordinary people food, using our recipes as your guide, and suddenly the vitamin and mineral content of the food is adjusted for dogs.
Evolution Diet
Research proves Strict Vegetarian Diets and Supplements prevent and cure these diseases in Humans. That is why the most knowledgeable and concerned Veterinarians and others are choosing Evolution Diet Holistic Pet Foods to prevent and treat these diseases in Dogs, Cats and Ferrets.
PETA’s GoVeg Campaign
Provides Vegetarian Starter Kit with information, tips, and recipes for new vegetarians.

dog food (individual brands)

The chicken used in Karma is the Rosie chicken supplied by Petaluma Poultry in Northern California. Rosie was the first chicken in the United States to carry a certified organic label. Rosie is a free range chicken, allowed to run and forage outdoors in an open-air, fenced area outside the barn.
organic Natural Balance Organic Formulas®
Natural Balance Organic Formulas® are GMO free and never sprayed with pesticides. Natural Balance Organic Formulas® use only free-range, humanely treated, antibiotic and hormone free chicken, with a wide range of organic ingredients.
Newmans Own Organics
Bell & Evans® Chicken – The Excellent Chicken® contains no antibiotics and is fed only a 100% natural, all-vegetable diet. Raised in abundant fresh air and provided plenty of clean water. (not free range)
Dog Food Ratings
Featuring reviews and ratings of different brands, feeding tips for specific breeds, info on different diets and recall alerts.

Canine Cancer Care

Canine Cancer Awareness, Inc.
Canine Cancer Awareness, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to elevate the public level of awareness through the distribution of printed educational materials (on the web or otherwise) while working in coordination with other programs involved with issues regarding canine cancer.
Bellingham Veterinary and Critical Care
To date, we have completed 3 allogenic stem cell transplants for dogs with lymphoma: Comet, Bailey, and Annabelle.
Welcome to, my new website designed to provide the latest information about chemotherapy to patients and their families, caregivers and friends. We are here to help by supplementing what you may already have learned from your healthcare professional.
-- Scott Hamilton
The Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund - Links Page
The following are some web sites that may be helpful/supportive to those of you beginning your journey up the hills and through the valleys of cancer, with your beloved companion animal.


Dr. Marc Bittan DVM
A veterinarian specializing in holistic healthcare for your pet dogs.
California Animal Hospital
The California Animal Hospital - 24 Hour Emergency Care Since 1980. Drs. Ettinger, Lusk, Barrett, Norman, Charette, Sammut and their associates provide both general veterinary services as well as referral medical services.
The Holistic Veterinary Center
Dr. Dody Tyneway holds a B.S. in Animal Science from Cornell University. She graduated with honors from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine in 1992.
Complete Animal Eyecare Center
Complete Animal Eyecare Center is a full service ophthalmology
hospital for small animals, large animals, avian and exotic pets.
Vegan Vet
Armaiti May, DVM is a dog and cat veterinarian currently practicing in the West Los Angeles area. The youngest of a class of 122 students, Dr. May obtained her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of California, Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in June 2005. She graduated with High Honors from the University of California, Berkeley with a Bachelor of Science degree in Bioresource Sciences in May 2001.
Limehouse Veterinary Clinic
Doctors and staff are trained in both holistic and Western allopathic medicine.
Sherman Oaks Veterinary Group (*Dr. Nancy Scanlan)
A team of professionals dedicated to providing your pet with the best possible veterinary care in a gentle, caring environment.
Animal Surgical and Emergency Center
The Animal Surgical & Emergency Center, one of the largest referral and specialty hospitals in the country, has been in business nearly 30 years. With board-certified specialists in numerous specialties, cutting-edge 24 hour critical care, state-of-the-art equipment, and a "team approach", our goal is to work in partnership with your referring veterinarian, for the benefit of your pet.

dog health care

AltVetMed Web Site
The AltVetMed Web Site, your home for finding information about complementary and alternative therapies in veterinary medicine (CAVM).
Dr. Ian Billinghurst
Dr. Billinghurst knows that modern processed pet foods are responsible for most of that ill health abd says he has the simple but powerful solution to this problem...
Halo - Holistic and All-Natural Pet Care Products
HALO'S MISSION is to provide people and their pets with honest information and wholesome products to better the lives of the animals and the people who love them.
Dr Gloria Dodd
Everglow Natural Veterinary Services - Holistic veterinary medicine. Homeopathy for animals
PMK Organics (Pat Mckay Inc.)
PMK is devoted to giving you the information, products and services necessary for feeding your carnivores
the way Mother Nature intended.
BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food)
Raw food related links
Shirley's Wellness Cafe is a free educational web site created from a labor of love and as a public service.
Natural Pet Health Care - Holistic Pet Food and Raw Pet Food
Dr. Pitcairn DVM - "...When I began to suggest the feeding of raw meat I found animals becoming more healthy even without other treatment. Indeed, I have frequently had the report that people find their animals become healthy when they make this change and diseases for which they were hoping to have treatment (on a waiting list) have disappeared.
Natural Remedies for Bad Breath
A range of natural remedies that can be used to help alleviate your dog’s bad breath.

Pet Vaccinations

Puppy Shots: Vaccination Issues for Breeders
Most people and even many veterinarians believe that more than one vaccine is needed to "prime" the immune system or build immunity, but in the case of modified live virus vaccines for parvo and distemper, this isn't really necessary.
Re-Vaccination: Vaccination for Previously Vaccinated Dogs and Older Puppies
Annual shots: Many veterinarians insist on them, boarding kennels and groomers require them, and keeping "current" on vaccinations has become one of the hallmarks of responsible pet ownership. But are they really necessary? And are they safe?
Titers: What do they tell us?
A "titer" is a measurement of how much antibody to a certain virus (or other antigen) is circulating in the blood at that moment.
Articles on "Vaccinosis"
As you become more aware of this problem in your research of this subject as a concerned pet owner, you can shift your approach from automatic yearly revaccination to a physical examination accompanied by bloodwork, or titer testing (a tool to help assess the status of the immune system, and actually quantify its state of immunity in the blood, or the serum antibody level).
The Truth About Pet Vaccinations
Most guardians have never been told the truth about vaccinations.

recommended books, videos & dvds

After You Get Your Puppy
Now you have your puppy, the clock is ticking and you need to meet three more developmental deadlines before your puppy is five months old.
Natural Pet Care: How to Improve Your Animal's Quality of Life
Gary Null has long been known for his work helping people improve their lives through nutrition and natural means. In Natural Pet Care, he turns his attention to animals, and not simply dogs and cats.
The Power of Positive Dog Training
Walk away from punishment-based training methods and learn how you can reward your dog to obtain and reinforce the behaviors you could only dream about achieving!
Positive Perspectives: Love your Dog, Train Your Dog
How can bad behavior be easily transformed into good behavior? Why does management work better than force? What is the one toy every dog parent should have? PLUS the latest info on training with treats, vaccination schedules, housetraining and problem prevention.
Before and After Getting Your Puppy
Outlines everything you need to know to select the right puppy, as well as all the crucial lessons a puppy must be taught during its impressionable early development.
True Tails from the Dog Park
True Tails from the Dog Park" is a fun and charming collection of short stories, tips and advice all told from the perspective of two dogs, Max and Luther. The book offers great lessons on dog park etiquette and is perfect for dog lovers of all ages.

Tags, Collars, Harnesses, and Leashes

Gentle Leader Deluxe
This new addition to our Gentle Leader line is a perfect solution for owners who want the same amazing control they are accustomed to - and their dogs who still want to cater to their inner fashionistas. Available in 3 ribbon designs and with complementary colored felt for extra comfort, this product also comes complete with a matching 6' leash.
The Sense-ation Dog Harness
The SENSE-ation™ (Sensation) is the Original, patented Front-Connection™ harness. It is designed for our Softouch™ methods and general management.
Dr. Fosters & Smith Padded Harness
Your pet will love the padded comfort of this unique harness.
The Buddy System
The Buddy System is a unique hands-free leash system designed to make it easy to take your buddy along.
Gentle Leader Headcollar
Effectively stops pulling and lunging and can control jumping and barking without choking your dog.
Sporn Training Halter
Innovative design of halter stops pulling instantly while providing maximum comfort for your dog.
Tag Silencers For Your Pet.
Leather Creations for Dogs Inc.
The foremost manufacturer of custom dog collars, fancy dog collars, personalized dog collars and leather dog collars for every need and taste.

getting rid of fleas naturally

The Natural Approach to Flea Control
If you have a flea problem, this is the first place to start.
NaturVet’s Herbal Flea Powder & Spray
The unique natural combination of Rosemary and Cedar Oil repels fleas.

Aromatherapy, Essential Oils

Kathleen Armstrong NBCR, RMT, CTHt
Kathleen Armstrong has been a professional in the field of Holistic Health since 1992.
Aura Cacia
Create a relaxing, spa-like setting in your own home with Aura Cacia products – formulated from 100% pure essential oils, to provide true aromatherapy benefits for the mind, body, and spirit.

Dog Walkers

Animal People
Angela Jenkins started Animal People in 1997. At that time, she was serving on the Board of Directors for Kitten Rescue and producing commercials for animal rights organizations.
Muttley Crue - Dogs that Rock
Heather Tannis - owner and dog walker, since 1998.

dog legal issues

Dog Bite Law
The most trusted and extensive resource for dog bite victims, dog parents, parents, journalists and others needing to learn about the legal rights of victims, how to protect children, and other aspects of the dog bite epidemic.
Dog Bite Law - Insurance for the dog parent
It is absolutely essential for every dog parent to have homeowners insurance or renters insurance, and that the insurance policy does not exclude accidents caused by the dog.
Dog Bite Law
Frequently Asked Questions


Southern California Dog Fun Directory - Los Angeles
The Original Dog Park Directory
Off-Leash Dog Parks, Trails & Beaches In Los Angeles, Los Angeles & Other California Counties
Most comprehensive list featuring about a hundred listings.

dog walking safety

Direct Stop Citronella Spray
An alternative to pepper spray repellent. A highly effective and humane way to deter aggressive animals. When tested with trained attack dogs, this revolutionary citronella formula was found to be just as effective as 10% pepper spray yet without harmful side effects.

dog training resources

The Association of Pet Dog Trainers
The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) is a professional organization of individual dog trainers.
Open Paw
Welcome to Open Paw®, your definitive animal training resource. Open Paw is here to give you and your pet the tools you need to build a lasting and successful relationship with one another and with your community.
Linda Tellongton-Jones
We are dedicated to sharing the TTEAM and TTouch philosophy and techniques in order to develop a deeper understanding of animals and ourselves, to heal our relationships with others, nature and the environment.
Volhard - The site for the discriminating dog parent
Here you will find a wealth of resources on a variety of dog-related subjects.
Dog Info - Alphabetical Glossary
The information on this site is for everyone to read. Please use it as often as you like.
An organization established to maintain the highest standards of professional and business practice among canine professionals.
Dog Trainer
Business Insurers has been providing General Liability specifically designed for pet professional associations for over 5 years. Our coverage includes the broadest Care Custody and Control coverage for the pets and property in your care whether at your client’s home, in transit or at your home.
Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT)
The CCPDT is an international testing and certification program for professional pet dog trainers.
The National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors
NADOI was founded in 1965 when a small group of instructors gathered together and resolved to promote modern, humane training methods and at the same time elevate the standards of the profession.
Sue Sternberg
Sue is an expert in dog aggression and an innovator in the field of shelter dog welfare, and she develops programs to prevent pet relinquishment and overpopulation, to match families with safe pets, and to help shelters attend to the mental health of the animals in their care.
** Over 10,000 Dog-Related Web Site Listings!! **
Dr. P's Dog Training Library
Website dedicated to specific training issues.
dog parent's Guide
The online magazine for all pet and showdog parents.
Sirius Dog Training
SIRIUS® championed user-friendly and dog-friendly dog training—specifically, that training should be as enjoyable for dogs as it is for owners, and that training should only involve quick, easy, and effective methods that are within the capabilities of all family members, especially including children.
Peaceable Paws
Peaceable Paws’ mission is to foster harmony between the human and non-human animals of our world through dog training and animal behavior consultation services and seminars.
Karen Pryor
Author of Don't Shoot the Dog and one of the founders of clicker training.
Raising Canine
Practical solutions and education in today's animal world.
Puppy Works
Puppyworks is "the event planner for dog people", sponsoring and organizing educational dog events for nationally and internationally known dog trainers, dog behaviorists, sports competitors and breeders.

Pet supplies

Karen pryor Clicker Gear Store
The New i-Click!, 3 Clicker Holder Set with Clickers, The Karen Pryor Choice Treat Bag and more!
Tradmill for dogs. 4 different sizes to choose from.
Cool Dog Toys
Dog Toys, Dog Harness, Dog Collars and Leashes, Dog Anti Barking Collars or Training Collars
All products for Service Dogs & Therapy Dogs.
Doggy and the City
Dog Potty Box & Grass Replacement
All Dog. All Good.
Spoiled Rotten Doggies
Thee web's most complete source for Dog Costumes and Accessories: costumes, clothing, treats, toys, hats, carriers, and more! - The Dog Supply Store
Where smart dogs do their business.
J and J Dog Supplies
Obedience, agility and flyball training equipment.
Pup Life - Outstanding Dog Supplies
Pup Life carries the finest dog carriers, beds, toys, training harnesses and more. At Pup Life, your dog is family.
Seeks out the most innovative, effective, and safe products and bring them to the marketplace.
Pet Edge
Serving Pet Care Professionals and Independent Retailers Since 1956.
Morrco Pet Supply
MorrcoPet, Inc. is a family owned and family run company in business since 1999. They are factory distributors of all of their products.
Fiber Guardian
The benefits of adding fiber to your dog's diet, also included is information on four of the top high fiber dog foods.

dog fun

Dogster - Where Every Dog Has A Webpage!
Make your dog a free webpage now! Share dog photos, tell dog stories, make dog friends!
Three Dog Bakery
Their Mission: To fresh-bake the world's best dog biscuits and give dog lovers everywhere a healthy, all-natural, bone-ified treat to give their favorite four legged friends.

dog muzzles

The Pooch Protector
We are manufacturers and distributors of genuine hand-crafted leather basket dog muzzles.
Pit Bull muzzles
A selection of pit bull muzzles.
For Dog
American Pit Bull Terrier Wire Basket Dog Muzzles.
Morrco Pet Supply
Crome Wire Basket Dog Muzzles, Plastic Italian Basket Dog Muzzles, Pro Guard Softie Dog Muzzles, Mesh or Leather Dog Muzzles.
Wire Basket Comfort Muzzle has 3/4" straps. Made of heavy leather and star riveted.
Wire dog muzzle
These wire dog muzzles have a special plastic/rubber surface which can last up to 50% longer, and are completely safe and non-toxic.
Wire Basket Dog Muzzle Boxer or Pit Bull Or Similar Snout Size
Wire Basket Dog Muzzles used by The Humane Society.


Los Angeles, California Dog-Friendly City Guide
Focus on listing places that welcome ALL well-behaved dogs, regardless of size!
San Fernando Valley, California Dog-Friendly City Guide
Focus on listing places that welcome ALL well-behaved dogs, regardless of size!
Pasadena - East LA, California Dog-Friendly City Guide
Focus on listing places that welcome ALL well-behaved dogs, regardless of size!
Hollywood - West LA, California Dog-Friendly City Guide
Focus on listing places that welcome ALL well-behaved dogs, regardless of size!
Pet Travel Guides and City Guides for dog parents

Doggie Day Care

Wagville - Daycare and Boarding
Daycare & Boarding
Come visit our beautiful holistic center for dogs near Griffith Park and convenient to Silverlake, Los Feliz, Atwater Village, Glendale and the surrounding Hollywood and LA area.
K9s Only
K9s Only, your all-inclusive destination for your K9 companion, sets the standard worldwide for K9 care.
The Club Beverly Hills
A brand new state-of-the art indoor and outdoor facility featuring a fitness course, lounge and spa (and owned and operated by a licensed veterinarian and his wife), The Club Beverly Hills gives unprecedented care and attention to each dog.
Double Dog Ranch - California
At Double Dog Ranch your dog will discover freedom, adventure and new friends in a secure, natural forest playground. For all the same reasons we humans need vacations, our best friends have an unmistakable need to stir their ancient canine heritage by unrestricted running through the forest, joyful romping with other dogs and then sleeping soundly in a sunny spot.
Paws Pet Resorts
Paws Pet Resorts
CageFree K-9 Camp
CageFree K-9 Camp
is a premier cage free dog daycare and dog boarding center, chosen and outfitted to ensure that your dog has minimal disturbance to his or her lifestyle while away from home.
LA Dogworks
A one-stop-shop where people could bring their dogs, pick up retail items they need and also be exposed to all the care and services that their dogs deserve from grooming, hydrotherapy, day care, training, portraits, massage care, aromatherapy, and lots and lots of love.
Bow Wow Bungalow
Located a stone's throw from the Bob Hope (Burbank) Airport, Bow Wow Bungalow has been described as one part "Doggie-Disneyland," one part hotel, and one part spa.
Paradise Ranch
Dog Boarding, Dog Day Care, Dog Training and Dog Grooming in Los Angeles - completely cage free.

dog vitamins

Gary Null's Natural Living
Vitamins & Nutrients for Dogs
Animal Essentials
Developed by leading experts in the field of holistic animal care, Animal Essentials™ supplements are made from the best natural ingredients available.


Principles of Behavior Modification and Treatment
The most commonly used behavioral techniques include habituation, extinction, desensitization, counterconditioning, and shaping.

music for your dog

Inner Peace Music
Inner Peace Music features the recordings of Steven Halpern, the
preeminent composer/recording artist of music that relaxes the body, opens the heart, and soothes the soul.
Flutes of the World
Maria’s recordings have been recommended by physicians and nurses worldwide and are highly effective for relaxation, meditation, massage, yoga, pain reduction, anxiety and insomnia.

Dog books, videos & dvd's

Dogwise provides the widest variety of current cutting-edge dog books and products for serious dog enthusiasts.
James & Kenneth
James & Kenneth is just a small puppy publisher, trying to run with the big dogs. However, according to the Association of Pet Dog Trainers — the largest association of pet dog trainers in the world — we publish some pretty good books and videos.


The dog parent's Guide - Breed Info
Profiles of dog breeds, wolves, coyotes & even the mixed breed dog.
Dog Breed Info Center
This site is packed with information on breeds from all groups in an easy to follow format.

Flower essences

Anaflora Flower Essences
Anaflora flower essences and flower essence formulas made just for animals by Sharon Callahan internationally recognized animal communication specialist and leading pioneer in the use of flower essences in the treatment of animals.


Marty Meyer, Telepathic Animal Communicator
Talk to Animals is a web site about Telepathic Animal Communication. Telepathy is a simple tool that enables us to communicate directly with our animal friends.
Carol Gurney
The foundation of Carol Gurney's practice is her HeartTalk Program®. Carol has taught this innovative method of communicating with animals to more than 6,000 people. The HeartTalk Program® is centered on the basic principle that animals and people can communicate heart-to-heart.
Beatrice Lydecker Online
In addition to being the pioneer in the field of animal communication, Beatrice Lydecker is making a difference in People's lives everyday. She combines a poignant look at her own life with a wealth of information about herbal medicine. It's time for alternative medicine, especially herbal medicine, to be recognized as having a very valid place in our fight against disease.
Lydia Hiby, Animal Communicator
One of the most sought after animal communicators around.
Barbara Shor
This modern-day animal "whisperer" draws
on her training and experience.

dog safety

The BatziBelt
This patented pet automobile seat belt restraint, the BatziBelt®, has a unique shackle that quickly and easily slips onto any seat lap belt or shoulder harness. The advantage of the Batzibelt® is its simplicity and ease of use.
Pet Containment and Training Systems
The latest and best innovations available online to contain and train your dog to keep him Happy, Healthy, and Home.
Product lines include the latest and best from Innotek, Tritronics, Dogtra, SportDog, PetSafe, DT Systems and Staywell Pet Doors.

drugs and pets

Pets and Substance Abuse
How Can Having a Pet Prevent Kids from Using Drugs or Alcohol?
Pet How Does Smoking Affect Your Pets?
Are you concerned about your pet being exposed to secondhand smoke? If your answer is "Yes," then you've come to the right place; this guide will help you ensure that they live a happy and healthy life.


Auto Barriers And Car Travel Barriers
An assortment of products designed to keep your dogs confined to the back of the car.
Car / Van Containment / Vehicle Barriers
Vehicle Barrier Gates, Safety Seats & More.

microchip your dog

Home Again
Home Again Pet Recovery Service

find your dog

Sherlock Bones
Provides nationwide services to lost pet owners assisting them in developing the best plan to quickly recover their lost or stolen pet.

dog rescue

Ace of Hearts
A 501c-3 dog rescue foundation dedicated to rescuing dogs, the day they are to be euthanized, from various Los Angeles shelters and placing them in loving homes.
PETS 911
Find, Adopt, or Help a Pet
Where You Live.
Villalobos Rescue Center
A rescue, rehabilitation and placement facility for abused and abandoned Pit Bulls.
Pacific Coast Dog Rescue
Pacific Coast Dog Rescue is a non-profit organization founded in 1998 and dedicated to helping end the overwhelming pet overpopulation problem in Southern California and beyond.
Karma Rescue
Karma Rescue takes death row dogs from the shelters and provides them with a second chance by rehabilitating and placing them into safe and loving homes. Karma Rescue is a non-profit 501c3, tax deductible organization.
Lange Foundation
Dedicated to saving impounded companion animals, and preparing them for a journey to a new, safe, loving world.
Pasedena Humane Society & SPCA
Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the humane treatment and quality of life for all animals. is 10 years old this year and are celebrating their birthday - and the pets - all year long!
Pet Orphans
Pet Orphans of Southern California is one of the oldest active humane organizations in the Greater Los Angeles area with a private shelter.
Animal Hope And Wellness
The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization focused solely on rescuing abused and neglected animals. They rescue them, provide full rehabilitation services, and then work to find them their fur-ever families.

non profit organizations

The Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind
Since 1946, the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Inc. has provided guide dogs free of charge to blind people who seek enhanced mobility and independence.
Humane Farming Association
Works to stop animal abuse in factory farming and slaughterhouses with anti-cruelty investigations and exposés,
The Animal Behavior Society
The Animal Behavior Society is a non-profit scientific society, founded to encourage and promote the study of animal behavior.
International Association of Assistance Dog Partners
A non-profit, cross-disability organization representing people
partnered with guide, hearing and service dogs.
Products, services, and support for elderly, disabled, and handicapped pets. We help you care for them.
Orthodogs’ Silver Lining Foundation
Orthodogs' Silver Lining Foundation was created to serve as a place of hope for owners and caretakers of orthopedically challenged dogs. Our goal is to provide access to fundraising resources, and to make emergency funds available for exceptional cases.
Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Inc.
Since 1946, the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Inc. has provided guide dogs free of charge to blind people who seek enhanced mobility and independence.
Canine Companions for Independence
Canine Companions for Independence is a national nonprofit organization that enhances the lives of children and adults with disabilities by providing highly-trained assistance dogs and ongoing support to ensure quality partnerships.
Therapy Dogs Inc.
It is a goal of Therapy Dogs Inc. to provide registration, support, and insurance for members who are involved in volunteer animal assisted activities. These activities include, but are not limited to, visits to hospitals, special needs centers, schools, and nursing homes.
Therapy Dogs International
Therapy Dogs International, Inc. (TDI) is a volunteer organization dedicated to regulating, testing and registration of therapy dogs and their volunteer handlers for the purpose of visiting nursing homes, hospitals, other institutions and wherever else therapy dogs are needed.
Love on a Leash
We provide training, evaluation and certification procedures for therapy pets and their owners.
Pets Are Loving Support
Pets Are Loving Support is a non-profit agency organized to improve the quality of life of people with AIDS by preserving and promoting the human/animal bond through the care and maintenance of their animal companions.
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), with more than 850,000 members and supporters, is the largest animal rights organization in the world.